"The GLTA have been incredible, they have provided us with the support and finances we needed to launch the first gay tennis event in Asia" -- Uthai Makapim, Bangkok

Our agenda is sport and diversity. There are many routes to equality and fairness, sport is one of them.

The GLTA is the fastest growing international GLBT sports organization. The GLTA was formed on July 4, 1991. The aim was to provide rules and standards for in addition and player rankings for all gay and lesbian tennis tournaments. Over 20 years later the GLTA now sanctions over 60 competitive tennis events across the globe attracting around 10,000 registered participants.

The GLTA and our member clubs are proud to work with a range of organisations. We work with local, national and international charities, tennis and sport associations diversity and human rights organisations. 

GLTA events and member clubs have raised over $1 million for charities.

If your club is interested to join the GLTA, please contact us for further information contact us