IGO 2016 - 18th edition - Italian Gay Open comes of age

Registration opens:
Sun, 2016-06-05
Tournament Start Date:
Sun, 2016-09-11
Tournament End Date:
Tue, 2016-09-13
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Welcome to the IGO - Italian Gay Open 2016
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You can register in a maximum of two different categories (singles/doubles)
You can pay via paypal in the tournament software page after your registration or with a bank transfer.
Please note that you will only be fully registered once your payment has been received.
For Hosted Housing please write to

Matches will start on Friday 11 September at 8.30 AM.
The prize ceremony is scheduled for Sunday 13 Septembery approx. 16.00.
Matches will be played at TENNIS CORVETTO - via fabio massimo 15 - Milan
1 Event – 100€  for prepayment before 15 july 80 eur
2 Events – 120€  for prepayment before 15 july 100 eur
2 Events + Saturday Dinner – 120€ (special price for prepayment before 15 july)



• This tournament will be played in accordance with the rules of the Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF). These rules are described in the text below.
• By participating in IGO, players agree with the tournament rules.
•The tournament will hold the five GLTA categories: OPEN, A, B, C & D for singles and doubles and will be played on clay indoor courts.
Please notice that depending on the number of registered players consolation could be played on greenset roofed courts. Players will be accordingly informed.
• Please report to the tournament desk 30 minutes prior to each match.

• Single matches: First and second set will be played with normal scoring, the third set will be played as a champions tiebreak.
• Doubles matches: First and second set will be played with ''no-ad'' scoring and on deuce the receiver will decide side, the third set will be played as a champions tiebreak.
• Consolation matches (only singles) will be played as 8 game pro-sets, with a
tiebreak at 8-8.
There are no consolation matches on the round robin events
• Warm up time is limited to 5 minutes.
• Some events might be played in round robins. For every match you win, you get 2
points. The player with most points is the winner of the round robin. When two or more
players have an equal number of points, the head-to-head result counts. If scores are tied,
the tournament organization will count the relative set difference, then the relative game
difference, then the number of sets won, then the number of games won. If scores are still
tied, the winner will be decided by a toss.
• Please inform the tournament desk of the score immediately after each match.
• Players have the right to a break of 30 minutes minimum between two singles
matches and 15 minutes minimum between two doubles matches.
• Please sign up for consolation (singles) rounds at the tournament desk.
• All matches will be umpired by the players themselves. In the event of any dispute,
players should contact the tournament directors.
• Field officials are present to check balls, warm-up times, rest periods and to be of
general assistance.
• In the event a situation arises which does not pertain to any of these rules, the tournament organization will decide how best to resolve the situation.
Late arrivals will incur a penalty in accordance with the GLTA rules. Therefore it is your
responsibility to arrange transportation, get directions if necessary and leave yourself
sufficient time to get to the venue.
• Up to 5 minutes: loss of toss and 1 game.
• 5 to 10 minutes means: loss of toss and 2 games.
• 10 to 15 minutes: loss of toss and 3 games.
• More than 15 minutes: default.
• In all events, winner and runner up prizes are awarded.
• In the consolation rounds only the winners are awarded a prize.
• All players have to play in the appropriate GLTA division. You can find the GLTA rankings
on the GLTA homepage:
• For seedings the GLTA ranking list per July 10th will be used.
• To compare your national level with the GLTA level see the conversion table on
• Please check your rankings on
• In case you have to withdraw from the tournament, a refund will be made only if you
notify the tournament organization before July 7th. After this date, refunds will not be made.
• In case you participate in two events, these can differ only one level (e.g. singles in B and
doubles in C).
• In the doubles divisions, couples will be placed in the appropriate division based on the
rankings of the strongest player.
• In case a player is participating in a level lower than his/her GLTA ranking, he/she will be disqualified.
• Substitutes are allowed as long as matches have not started in that event.
In case of an unforeseen delay, the tournament organization may opt for one
or more of the following:
• To shorten matches playing sudden death at Deuce. The receiver chooses the
side he or she wants to receive serve.
• The third set will be shortened to a super tiebreak - a 10 point tiebreak.
• Sets will be shortened until 4 games with 2 games difference and a tiebreak
at 4-4.
• Cancellation of the consolation round matches.
The tournament organization decides which option or combined option will be played. This will be
announced prior to the match.
Hotel Offical hotel for the tournament with special rates will be advised soon
Hosted Housing
If Hosted Housing is needed please forward your request to
Please note that housing will be given on a first-order basis.
• Proper tennis attire is required when on court.
• Always enter the courts through the appropriate entrance. Avoid disturbing other
• Players shall not engage in unsporting conduct or disturb other players.
• A player is not allowed to receive coaching during a match.
• Do not enlist the aid of spectators in making line calls.
• Wait until players on another court have completed a point before retrieving or returning a ball.

Waiver of Liability

• By participating at IGO 2016 and related activities & events, participants agree to waive any & all rights & claims for bodily or emotional injury, injury to their reputation, or any other damage or harms that they might suffer, or any other claims of any nature they or their legal representatives may have against the MTO tournament, TENNIS CORVETTO, GLTA & its officers, all tournament sites, tournament sponsors, or any organization, facility or individual associated with this tournament & the related activities & events. Participants agree to participate at their own risk & the above organizations, facilities, & individuals will not be responsible for any harm, injury or damage that they might suffer. They also release & waive any & all rights to claim damages or remuneration which may arise as a result of references to, photographs, images or likenesses of them which may appear in any publication or other media coverage.

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