The GLTA has got its own Hall of Fame. In 1997 the GLTA assumed responsibility for the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Hall of Fame at the request of the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Federation (GLTF) which had created the Hall and maintained it since its inception. 

The single most important criterion for consideration as a Hall of Fame member is contribution to gay and lesbian tennis. These contributions may take many forms including, but not limited to, GLTA involvement/leadership, tournament director experience, local club leadership, player results, or other accomplishments deemed worthy of Hall of Fame membership.

Previous Inductees


Les Balmain

San Francisco, 1992


Scott Williford
San Diego, 1992


Gary Sutton

Los Angeles, 1993

Rich Ryan

San Diego, 1993


Abi Jeung
San Francisco, 1994


Fred Orange

Los Angeles, 1994


David Locke
Los Angeles, 1995

Rich Corder
Houston, 1996


Jim Frailey
San Diego, 1997


Mitch Nutick

Los Angeles, 1997


Don Draper
Dallas, 1998

Mark Mays
Atlanta, 1998


Tom Bijlmer
Amsterdam, 2003


Paul Shepherd
Palm Springs, 2003


Mark Reiter

New York, 2006