The tournament software is to be used by all tournaments and the use is included in the GLTA membership fee.

The tournament software is developed by Visual Reaiity ( and customized to meet the needs of the GLTA.

Using the software simplefies the making of draws, schedule and all tournament management. Besides that the software file is the input for the GLTA rankings and Championships rankings.

The software can be downloaded from Please note that you download the English software (and not in another language)

The full GLTA functionality is only accessible in the English software


Each club receives  a validation file in January. This file is needed to enable the software.

The validation license file is only sent when a club is in good standing with the GLTA.

The software may be used for all club tournaments, not limited to GLTA tournaments


Online payments

The software includes a link to a  payment system (paypal). When you choose to receive payments immediatly after the registation we recommend to link your TTP software to the tournament's Paypal account.

The instructions for setting up Paypal can be found here:

The certification file you need to link in your tournament software can be downloaded here

When using the PayPal faclity there is an additional charge of 27 Euro. this needs to be paid by the tournament.


Tournament TV

Next to the tournament software, you can use Tournament TV. This is an application which can be used to shaw schedules, results, draws, messages, announcements, etcetera on a seperate screen (or TV)

You need to run the TTV program on another computer and this computer can be connected to a screen or TV. The TTP and TTV are communicating through a network, so a wireless network is recommended.

You can order the TTV software at

The costs are 60 euro (full license in the first year only) and 25 euro update in the following years.