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This competition is open to all male and female players who compete in a minimum of three (3) GLTA tournaments (in singles AND/OR doubles) during the eligible time period (Nov 1 through Oct of following year).  

If our women play in both the men's AND women's draws they will be eligible to compete in the Champions Race competition. Of course, the more tournaments you play the better your chances are of accumulating points.


Date of Competition

The GLTA WORLD TOUR CHAMPIONSHIPS will be played in February of each year.

The location of the Tournament will rotate between Asia, North America and Europe.

The details of the Championships will be listed on our Tour Schedule and Facebook pages as they become available.  

Cost of competition

The GLTA reserves the right to charge a fee.


Eligibility - Singles

The top 8 players in each division -Open, A, B, C and D singles/doubles will qualify for the GLTA WORLD TOUR CHAMPIONSHIPS.
In the event that one of the top eight players cannot participate, the next player(s) in line will be invited to play until there are 8 players in each division. 
You are eligible to play in the division where you accumulated the most Champions Race points during the period of Nov through Oct each year.

Exceptions : If you win a Championship in a higher division, you may not be eligible to play in the division where you earned the most Champions Race points.   Also, if you earned an equal amount of points in two divisions, you will be required to play in the higher division.  NOTE:  The GLTA Rankings Chair will review all player results and will review the size of the draws, and his/her ruling regarding divisional placement is final.   Appeals can be submitted to the GLTA Appeals Committee at

The GLTA Executive Board of Directors selects up to five MASTERS SERIES EVENTS each year, and all players will receive double points for winning matches in any of the five MASTERS SERIES EVENTS.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, do not hesitate to contact us at



Eligibility - Doubles

Male and female players will be competing as individual doubles players throughout the year, therefore,it is not necessary to play with the same partner to qualify for this competition.The top 8 players in each division- Open, A, B, C and D doubles will be invited to participate first.

In the event that one of these players cannot participate, the next player(s) in line will be invited to play until there are 8 in each division.

The rules listed above for Singles will also apply to divisional placement for the Doubles event.



Points System

The Champions Race points system is completely separate from the GLTA Ranking system.  

Champions Race points will be posted to the GLTA website and updated on a regular basis. Points are accumulated as follows: 

1 point is awarded per round won.  An additional 5 points are awarded for semi-finals and a further 10 points for the winner. Points are awarded for bye rounds or walkovers provided the player wins the next round. Playing in a Masters Series Tournaments earns double champions race points.